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Replica Gun Caution

Replica Guns are not toys.

We decline all responsibility for the improper use, illegal handling or manipulations of merchandise sold through this website. All merchandise manufactured by DENIX are meant for decorative, gift or collection purposes only. The replicated products sold through this website lack the appropriate mechanisms and materials of their originals and have the tube obstructed. 

Assembled/ Kit non-firing Replica Models should be used only:

  • in the home as scale model displays or as collector's items

  • for theatrical or training purposes

  • ALWAYS under the supervision of a responsible adult

Assembled/ Kit non-firing Replica Models should not be:

  • carried on the street

  • pointed at anyone

  • hidden on your person

  • left carelessly in a vehicle

  • left carelessly within reach or accessible to unsupervised children or irresponsible adults

The carrying, handling or brandishing in public of any model that resembles a real weapon may be in violation of the law, may create undue apprehension on the part of law enforcement officers or other person, and could result in injury to the person handling the model.

Do not let children play with these models. They are not playthings and could cause harm if used improperly.

Do not point these models at other people, even as a joke. This could cause alarm or be seen as a threat, with serious or even deadly consequences.


Avoid excessive dry-firing as this may cause breakage. To avoid mechanical failures, keep the model clean and lightly lubricated.

This firm has no sympathies with any neo-political/military parties, past or present; and all material presented herein is for historical purposes only.

The public sale of DENIX articles adjusts to the normative of free commerce without being affected by the Regulation of Arms, as it comes off the opinion of the Permanent Inter-ministerial Commission of Arms and Explosives (CIPAE) dated November, 7 th . of 1995 and of the Central military finance service of Arms and Explosives (ICAE) of the Main directorate of the Civil Guard.

In spite of this, we highly recommend avoiding putting these articles in hand luggage, in the cabin, due to the security normative of harbors, airports and train stations.

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